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Pickleball in Rajasthan

Royal Pickle Ball Associations,

Whats Is the game of Pickle ball:- 

     Pickle ball is fastested growing games in the world. Around 68 countries playing this games . Its a indoor as well Outdoor games. Its play in singles in between two players and doubles in between four players. Its very interesting to know that its the mixer of long tennis, Badminton as well as table tennis games .Its racket called Paddle and its little large from table tennis Bat size. Its net size is equal to long tennis net And ball made by plastic in size are equal to long tennis ball but different is its made by plastics and having 26 or 34 holes for passing the air which helped to reduce its speed. Its ground is similar to badminton and points calculations also similar to badminton .

Equipment Paddle which are made by Wooden and Synthetics .Ball,Net and grounds are important part of the games .

Origin Of pickle ball

First Pickle ball played in USA so its basically USA origin game and currently played across the world . In India almost 10000 players are playing the games .In year 2022 National Championship played in Indore and Sate Championship Played in Sumerpur under Aatha vedic Sanstan banner. Its very less risky games in therms of injury occur in sports comparable to toothy sports that why in age of 60 plus people enjoy this game for physical fitment and entertainments.

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