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    Welcome to youtuberam.com.My name is Ramavatar Jat.I have MBA in study and done PG in Business Administration field .I am caring 20 year experience and corporate world.

    Writing and Sports are my hobbies from my childhood.So contents  writing on Political activities,Social work,Health and education,motivational speech from my student life's so I have rich and dip experience that's why I have started to blogging so I can share my knowledge and experience to our society.I will always welcome to your opinion and guidance on your comments which help to me write more qualitative articles and comments .

You found the Contents about India,world,China, sports and Stories related to Political,Economics,Health and education and sports activities special cricket and Stories related to all segments  on my Blog "Ram"s Blog - देश दुनिया"
If you have any query or suggestion write to ramawtar6675@gmail.com

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जयपुर गुलमोहर गार्डन मे कार्पेंटर की धोखाधड़ी।

 पढ़े लिखे लोग भी बन रहे हैं ठगी का शिकार                           जयपुर मे आशियाना बिल्डर की सोसाइटी गुलमोहर गार्डन जो वाटिका मे हैं। यंहा ...